AAM uses some out of the crate educational strategies. Our methodologies are practical oriented intending to cope up with the actuality. This widens a student’s knowledge base which in turn helps the students to reach their objectives. Additionally AAM invests heavily in projects and workshops that are hand crafted on a case-by-case premise to coordinate every student’s necessities. Every performing methodology for instructing are embraced at AAM to benefit the student and that AAM center around the student controlled strategies that include dynamic learning by the student. This focus guarantees that the teaching techniques at AAM are unmistakable and the students get a hands-on involvement in what they are being taught.


Teaching methods cultivated by AAM provides students a 360 degree view and comprehension of what he/she is learning. The primary teaching method we here at AAM use is the student controlled passive methods, where we endeavor to assemble the required nuts and bolts in the student. This is trailed by the Student controlled active methods for ‘Learning by doing’ so the students have a hands-on involvement and get to the profundity of understanding what they have been taught. These two instructing techniques are enhanced by the teacher controlled active strategies for altitude building and behavior modeling. We provide all facilities like library and internet café and furthermore urge the students to pursue the student controlled passive methods so they comprehend the worth and make self-learning a practice.


We at AAM agree with the fact that every student is distinctive and that they’ve assorted needs that are to be concentrated and worked on. We have structured our teaching methods keeping this in mind. Teaching approaches at AAM is specially made for every student and is periodically refined by an iterative procedure. Learning of every student is assessed and looked into and the feedback is applied to change, update or alter the learning techniques and methodologies to make it progressively viable.

AAM has cultivated a sea of teaching approaches and methodologies to strengthen the exposure that is being provided to the students. These include intuitive addresses, addresses from the pioneers, contextual analysis, quantitative activities, workshops, Mechanical conditioning training, critical thinking sessions, aptitude guidance, Universal business conditions’ presentations and a plethora of other methodologies and technologies. We look not to keep any stone unturned as our students are liable to get the best to reach their objectives and to be the business leaders in the near future. We value our students and their requirements.