Avidus Academy of Management is one of the premier management schools in Chennai. The institutions centers on giving top notch education to the students. The institution was set up in 2011 and soon gained an accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The Avidus Academy of management has also been recognized and has been awarded as the best Pragmatic Business School in Chennai for its fascinating, inventive and conceptualized teaching techniques.


The Academy incorporates a greater amount of the viable sessions that the hypothetical sessions. The style of bestowing learning moves easily from an aloof configuration to that of a functioning organization which incorporates greater association of the students in the educational course curriculum. A greater amount of discussions, self-assessments, aptitude practices and individual reading are empowered and encouraged under the teaching pedagogy of the Avidus Academy of Management.

To enable students to learn in a more pragmatic and a live way the Avidus Academy of Management has initiated on-the-job training facilities for the students at predetermined intervals in between the two years of MBA program. These on-the-job trainings will help students to get familiar with the embodiment of the business and the industry that they intend to join and be a part of. The practical oriented knowledge will likewise get improved with the on-the-job training program initiated by the institution.

We at the Avidus Academy of Management give a greater amount of prominence to make our business students inculcate knowledge pragmatically. We assure our students that they will be provided with an immense number of internship opportunities with the industry leaders’ organizations or rather the top companies through our massive network. Every student will be under an umbrella of exclusive prominence in all the aspects. We as an institution focus greatly on discipline and imbibing leadership qualities in the students by setting various industry standards as our criteria for evaluating them. The Avidus Academy of Management will effectively work towards the overall growth of the student.