Are you tired of hearing about 100 percent Placement which all colleges boast as and not sure it is fact or fallacy? At AAM Business School we are totally different. We are proud to say we are the first and the only Business School in India  to offer a Pay after Placement program. Our teaching pedagogy along with strong industry tie ups for internship cum placements gives us the confidence to offer this facility to the students since AAM Business School inception 2011.


What is meant by Pay After Placement MBA Program

In simple words 25% of the MBA fees can be paid by the student after getting placed through AAM Business School on or before completion of MBA whichever is earlier. The said amount will be paid by the student in 8 installments after getting placement. This benefits the students in two ways.

They can be assured of their Placements

The burden of parents to fees during the course of study to their wards are reduced to a considerable extent.