Deiveegan Rajinikanth

Mr. Deiveegan Rajinikanth B.E., MBA  is the founder of AAM Business School who is a World Renowned Engineer with rich work experience in Managerial capacities in companies namely SKF, GE Capital and Saudi Aramco. He is a self man made and dedicated his life for the upliftment of students community. He started  AAM Business School  to ensure that Management Education is affordable for middle class people also with no compromise in the quality of education. He was always with the thought that money should not be a hindrance for students dreaming to pursue their higher education. Keeping that in mind with his rich industrial experience he introduced the Pay after Placement Program,  one of the unique models in Management Education. Under the Pay after Placement Program many students are given the opportunity to pursue their MBA Program at AAM Business School paying part of MBA fees during their course of study and offered placement with good salary post MBA Completion. On successful placement  a student is asked to pay the remaining fees in 10 monthly installments with no interest. Various Scholarship Programmes are offered through the NRI Trust which is instrumental in starting AAM Business School.  Pay after placement policy is still followed in AAM Business School and we are proud to be the only Business School in India to offer Pay after Placement MBA Program till date.