Yes it is recognized by University Grants Commission, association of Indian university and ministry of HRD, GOI. The regular MBA Industry integrated MBA degree is awarded by Alagappa University, Karaikudi State university under Tamil Nadu accredited with A+ Grade by NAAC (CGPA 3.64) Graded as category 1 University and granted autonomy by MHRD – UGC under directorate of collaborative programmes

No, AAM only offers the regular stream of course




4 System and IT

5. Operations & Logistic Management

A separate placement cell is organized to look after placement for students.

A special course named the bridge course is offered by AAM to help non-commerce students keep up with their curriculum, 2 weeks prior to the official begging of classes

Yes, the course is divided in 4 semesters for over a period of 2 years.

75% attendance is required in order to be eligible for writing the university’s exams

The career opportunities are Financial Analysis, Accounting managers, Treasurer, Risk and insurance managers etc.

HR manager, HR executive, job analysis are some of the carrier opportunities you will receive after specialisation.

Marketing manager, PR management etc are some of the career opportunities you will receive after specialisation in marketing.

You can work as a team leader, project manager and so on.

You can write AAMET, which is the entrance exam held by AAM. To know more contact the admission office.

There are so many top institutes in India for MBA. You can also get into a different location like the US and UK is a bit hard as it needs a good GMAT and GRE score along with an excellent academic record.

India has the most sought-after business school and the aspirants are also the highest-paid among others. It must be overrated because of the high salary package offered to the aspirants after completing their degrees.

If you want to apply for an MBA degree then you should have a bachelor’s degree. More students enter these programs that other types of degree courses as its more versatile.

If you want to work in a business-related field like an organization founder or management, then its worth the time and expense you put to get a degree. For those working in other fields, unless they are in leadership roles like HR or the Management field, the course is not useful.

Absolutely yes! In general management, marketing and product management is lesser as compared to finance and consulting. But consider taking the programs for the top b schools for extra coaching.

One of the clearest career paths with a management degree is consultancy, in which you will help businesses enhance their performance and evolve by resolving issues and using your business skills to provide objective, expert advice on the organization’s strategy.

If you wish to pursue a degree in business management there are dozens to choose from which includes; Advertising, operation management, international business, hospitality management, entrepreneurship, and public administration to name a few.

Some benefits of studying business management it that it can help you become a more effective team player, gain a competitive edge, a wide range of career choices and learning how to manage people effectively.

This can be highly valuable in getting on – the – job sort of event, while continuing -to- evolve the business and management skills.

It’s the managers who make any business successful. Good managers can make the right decisions and make sure that the business can make use of the opportunities.

There is various field in MBA like Marketing, Human resource management, Operation management, International Business, Agri-Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and Health care management.

A traditional full – time masters of business administration takes 2 years to complete. It usually takes 4 semesters of coursework to complete.

Without a bachelor’s degree, an MBA degree is not possible.

You need a minimum of three years of full-time experience, a bachelor’s degree, admission tests like GMAT or GRE. You will also have to contact the institute before enrolling to know their student requirements.

Most part-time MBA courses might take 2 to 3 years to complete. But programs can last up to 5 years. Some institutes provide part-time masters of business administration programs that are designed, so aspirants can have the opportunity to get a degree sooner than a part-time MBA program.

Studying for a business management degree allows you to develop an extensive understanding of business organizations and offers you subject-specific knowledge in fields like IT, business, customers, finance and others.

Business analyst, account manager, financial analyst, sales manager, marketing manager to name a few are some of the MBA degree holders can get.

Some of the top business fields with the best potential return on investment are entrepreneurial studies, credit management, international marketing, management science and more.

There are more than 20 types of business degrees, but these are just a few common options you will encounter. You might also study some combination of economics, business law, management, accounting and IT regardless of what you choose.

A UG degree in business economics offers better training for graduate study in business administration, economics and law. Economics is also a common UG major for aspirants who enter law school.

Aspirants who learn for part-time MBA have time to maintain time with work and family. Students pursuing a part-time MBA course might be provided tuition reimbursement by their staff.

Part-time MBA courses are usually considered to be less competitive than full – time courses and might take longer than 2 to 3 years to complete.

A part-time MBA course can be an excellent investment. If you are happy with your job, this course can make sense. You can avoid the cost of pursuing a full – time MBA course.

You will study accounting, statistics, economics, finance, marketing, manufacturing, trade, and investments are some of the students you will learn in a b school.

Some tips to help you get excellent grades in b school is to show up for class and you don’t have to attend everything, but if you attend a small business course, you will be noticed. Consider participating in class and learn to read fast, you can also join in business groups and forums. Read case studies.

Not all MBA course is different. So, choose the right business school and apply for many so you might have so many eggs in very few baskets. Then prepare for GMAT and prepare for the technical MBA courses. Finally, try to work on your networking skills.

There are various MBA courses and not all the same. Some of the top MBA courses are; MBA in Marketing, MBA in supply chain management, MBA in IB, MBA in HRM, MBA in Information technology (IT) and MBA in Operation management.

A business manager must oversee the activities of workers; he/she must hire, train and evaluate new staff; and make sure that an organization or department is smooth to meet its financial goals. A business manager must assess the performance of an organization or department against the business’s plans and goals.

There is a specific set of management principles and they are; planning, organizing, staffing, monitoring and leading. These are the fundamental level of principles and considered as important.

Some of the jobs that you could land with a business management degree are; Business analyst, financial analyst, account manager, sales manager and marketing manager.

There are only a few b schools in Chennai that take direct MBA admission without any entrance examination. Make sure to contact the institute before enrolling for them.

An MBA entrance examination is easier compared to other tests like CAT, NMAT, XAT.

MBA admissions are based on the performance of entrance examinations. Aspirants applying for an MBA program must score at least 50% of marks for admission eligibility in reputed b schools and colleges. So, candidates have to prepare for examinations like CAT, XAT, MAT, and others.

Some of the career paths with MBA Degree are business consultant, loan officer, financial analyst, sales manager, business consultant, meeting, convention, and event planner. These are just a few but you also get other jobs too.

More than 100s of CEOs have a degree in business, accounting, and economics while a recent study shows that more than twenty-seven percent who studied engineering or science and fourteen percent law.

Business schools specialize in certain management courses, and that might lead to a more targeted education, whereas universities usually offer a more subject-oriented of all majors.

Career options for business majors are extensive from commerce, finance, HR, personnel management, etc. if you are graduating a degree in a business-related area, you might get jobs that are directly related to the business major.

Business degrees are worth the investment as you are investing your valuable time. Some aspirants prefer pursuing business majors as they consider it to be the quickest way to get a job with a higher pay scale.

An MBA is worth the expense, effort and time that you put in if you have plans to work in a business-related field, like management or owning a business or being an organization founder. For those who are working in other fields unless they have leadership or management roles, the major might not be useful.

It is not true! It is not just the cost-benefit analysis that is bringing the major under greater inspection. Even top b schools are adequately preparing their candidates to be effective managers.

A business schools will teach you topics like management Information systems, Management science, Finance, Strategy, economics, Accounting and Administration and a lot more.

Career options like HR, accounting, finance, personnel management, etc. You will also get other business-related jobs you will get if you complete your qualification in this field.

Yes, you will definitely earn more and get jobs related to business, accounting and finance. Research shows that you earn more than math – focused ones.

BBA tends to be much easier and its one of the broadest and uncomplicated degree option to take. It highlights the theory and application of management over the development of tech and practical skills.

The demand for business major is really high as there are so much career opportunities if you have a decent business education from a well reputed business school.