The essential part of any business school is the academic systems and standards adopted by it. AAM prides itself on the international standards followed by it. The system followed by us is focus-driven, agile, industry oriented and practical making it one of the best MBA courses provided in Tamil Nadu. AAM entwines theory and practical knowledge so well, in order by to provide its students the best approach possible. By focusing not just on books but also real life application of the knowledge so learnt, AAM distinguishes itself from the rest of the colleges.

Firstly, there are Classroom Lectures by qualified and experienced professors at AAM. We invest heavily in the compulsory Interactive Lecture concept that is carried out in our study halls. These Classroom Lectures are enhanced with “Addresses from the Leaders”, a similar idea of Guest Lectures, yet conveyed uniquely by effective Leaders and prominent Speakers from both the Business and Academic fields. Our prime location bring the absolute most rousing and provocative Leaders and Speakers in India through our entryways. Our Students and Alumni gain from and are tested by these Leaders and Speakers from Industry, Government, Finance, Academics and Media.


At AAM, we follow the motto of “Learning by Doing”, the practical learning and actualizing. There are numerous projects like Industrial Visits, Simulation Exercises, Workshops, Debates, Symposia and Group Discussions that mimic the genuine conditions and circumstances for the students. A few projects are additionally executed by gathering the students to draw out the camaraderie in the students and comprehend the significance of collaboration.

Scholarly System at AAM is centered on growing Soft Skills. There are different projects focusing on various Soft Skills like Social and People aptitudes, Interpersonal abilities and Communication abilities. These projects are hand crafted on a case-by-case premise in the wake of breaking down the clump of students for the program. AAM Academic System additionally has confidence in structure and altering the Attitude of the students. There are Attitude Building and Behavioral Shapeup Workshops that are based out of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; otherwise called ABC Model. Aside from expanding the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) of the students, it additionally authorizes the faith in the estimations of the Ethics, Integrity and Self-Confidence. These workshops enable the students to remain created and think soundly and mentally in the midst of trouble or emergency.

At AAM, we understand that an effective Manager should be qualified on aptitudes other than administrative. Our Academic System likewise moves in some worth included projects like Six Sigma affirmation and PMI accreditations. A fruitful Manager is the person who can settle on educated choice. Remembering this, we have a great deal of Software related worth included projects for the students.

Last, yet not the least, Academic System at AAM likewise underscores using best in class apparatuses and most recent front line innovations to make the students’ adapting progressively powerful and fun. We have an Electronic Classrooms, Wi-Fi grounds, Online Teaching Support, Laptops, IT Labs, and Internet Cafe to help the students to adapt viably and make learning an enjoyment in the meantime.