Avidus Academy of Management:

Avidus Academy of Management, the Pragmatic B School in Chennai Established in the year 2011 , offers 2 year Full time MBA Programme based on the practical learning. The MBA programme at AAM aims at developing a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blend of business and general education. It assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successful management of business functions. MBA is being offered in the specializations like Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operation Management and System Management.

Along with MBA Program AAM Business School offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) to students upgrade the current trends. The PGDM curriculum is crafted with the expertise of the academicians and also the industrial experts in such a way to prepare the students as per the corporate requirements. The PGDM syllabus is updated regularly in order to update them with the required skill sets to make them leaders and take up responsible positions in the corporate world or enabling them to become successful entrepreneur. AAM Business School gives lot of emphasis on practical learning with teaching pedagogy exclusively designed for the purpose. The students are being offered dual degree of MBA and PGDM

AAM Business School is known for its distinctive and carefully designed teaching methods, Avidus academy of management is one of the best management schools in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It strives to provide quality education which is essential for real growth of an individual as an entrepreneur. It was founded in the year 2011 and has received accreditation by the ‘National assessment and accreditation council’ (NAAC). In such a short time since its inception, AAM has achieved a lot of appreciation and fame which is attested by its accolade of winning the title of ‘best pragmatic business school’ in Chennai.


Vision –

we strive to bring about a paradigm shift in the ways in which global potential business leaders are created, to make them better and stronger by enriching their managerial knowledge.

 Mission –

to produce and bring about global entrepreneurs strong enough to face the challenges proposed by the ever changing business world.

 Advisor: –

The world keeps changing so should our techniques and methods. AAM has an advisory Committee that perpetually tries to figure out various strategies that can take AAM a step closer to its dream of becoming a global Institute.  The committee members main purpose is to improve the quality of education at AAM.