Why Pursue MBA?


Figure out how to be a Leader

Today we live in the period of globalization where the progressions are the main steady in any condition. Business, Management, and Leadership aptitudes are required not to simply adjust to this condition, however to utilize these equivalent natural factors and be an effective. Administration characteristics are significant and helpful whatever try you embrace.

Reality Vs Theory

There are courses and projects other than MBA where one gets the chance to find out about Business, Management and Leadership. The main issue is that these projects are increasingly hypothetical and less useful. There is dependably a hole between what is educated in the school versus what is normal out there in the open. A very much planned MBA program will go about as scaffold between the hypothesis and the truth.

New Career and Career Advancement

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning in another vocation or are looking to progress up the company pecking order, an all-adjusted training is indispensable to your accomplishment in a wide range of business. At AVIDUS ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT, our profession centered degree programs and the worth added accreditation projects are intended to enable you to procure learning and aptitudes that will emerge to businesses, giving you an edge in the present aggressive activity commercial center. We endeavor to form the executives graduates in to able expert chiefs who are fit for working in any division of sorted out action, while adding to the advancement of the economy and the general public.


Business Connections and Social Networking

When doing your MBA in a presumed association you get the opportunity to meet hopeful Managers and Entrepreneurs and Leaders as friends. This will help in long haul to assemble your Business Connections and Networking. Business Connections is the core of accomplishment in any Business. These Business Connections and Social Networking won’t just assistance you in both pioneering and administrative undertakings.

Delicate Skills

The accompanying delicate abilities are required for any individual to be effective. A very much prepared MBA program ought to have the devices and procedures to fabricate and build up the Soft Skills of the understudies.


Social and People Skills

Prevailing in business is tied in with structure connections. A decent pioneer or an Entrepreneur or a Manager ought to have the skill to construct social connections and explore easily through politically charged situations.

Relational Skills

Relational aptitudes are the One-on-One abilities with more accentuation on compassion. It is the capacity to believe other individual and the capacity cause other to respond the equivalent.

Correspondence – Verbal Language and Body Language

The demonstration of conveying includes Verbal, Nonverbal, and Para-Verbal segments. The verbal part alludes to the substance of our message‚ the decision and course of action of our words. The nonverbal segment alludes to the message we send through our non-verbal communication. The Para-Verbal segment alludes to how we say what we state; the tone, pacing and volume of our voices. Correspondence isn’t simply to send messages to other people yet to get too. Listening is a workmanship and is a required quality for everybody who decides to be effective. A decent audience will most likely translate the Verbal, Nonverbal and Para-Verbal messages of the communicator effectively.

Manufacture the Right Attitude

Frame of mind of an individual is the judgment of a substance by the individual. Frames of mind are the convictions of an individual and is the aftereffect of only impression of the element, observational learning on the substance or direct understanding from the element. This disposition ought to be created or altered to the benefit of making a decent pioneer. An all around structured MBA program will focus on structure the accompanying frames of mind and virtues.


Enthusiastic Intelligence

Enthusiastic knowledge (EI) alludes to the capacity to see, control, and assess feelings. Individuals with high Emotional Intelligence are aces at dealing with their feelings. They don’t blow up in unpleasant circumstances. Rather, they can take a gander at an issue and serenely discover an answer. They’re astounding leaders, and they realize when to confide in their instinct. Notwithstanding their qualities, be that as it may, they’re generally ready to take a gander at themselves genuinely. They take analysis well, and they realize when to utilize it to improve their presentation. With the correct methodology Emotional Intelligence can be learned and fortified.

Sensible Optimist

Good faith and Pessimism are not fundamentally unrelated dependably. They rather can be perfect and work in cooperative energy. As cited by Gil Stern, “The two confident people and worriers add to our general public. The confident person concocts the plane and the worry wart the parachute”. Inline with the statement, hopeful methodology is to go for broke while a related critical methodology is to have an arrangement to moderate the hazard.

Respectability and Ethics

Moral Integrity and Ethics are required for any individual to be effective. A triumph without honesty and Ethics won’t continue for long. A tumble from Success with Integrity and Ethics is sensible and can be survived; where as a tumble from Success without these characteristics will be a calamity and presumably be the finish of all.

Fearlessness Vs Arrogance

Certainty and Arrogance, both include having faith in one’s capacities. Anyway Arrogance is regularly underplayed by weakness while Self Confidence is underplayed independent from anyone else Awareness. An individual who needs to be effective should realize what he is truly prepared to do and where he needs to improve. Self Analysis and Self Awareness is a basic characteristic for a fruitful individual both in close to home and expert life. An individual with certainty will likewise comprehend others possibly more grounded, and that every individual is a finished bundle of qualities and shortcomings so will stay humble in both. A pompous individual will regularly disregard to recognize shortcoming in light of playing up the qualities and think little of others and this won’t prompt achievement.



You truly are what you are the point at which nobody is around you. In the event that your brain does not obey and tail you, for what reason will others? On the off chance that you are the manager of your brain, you will normally turn into the supervisor of your body and other individuals too.

Regarding Time

Nobody is the history who has not regarded time has demonstrated to be fruitful. As cited by Wayne Dyer, “Lingering is a standout amongst the most widely recognized and deadliest of ailments and its toll on progress and bliss is substantial”. A very much structured MBA program will help in changing your mentality towards time and begin taking a gander at time with deference and complete the undertakings on schedule.

Social Responsibility

Any program that endeavors to create effective Leaders and Managers will likewise endeavor to build up the Social Responsibility in the individual. “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. A fruitful pioneer should be socially mindful in order to acquire the regard from the Society. A socially mindful individual ought to add to the welfare of the general public and not simply consider boosting individual or related advantages.


Why pursue MBA at AAM?

AAM provides you with a stimulating environment that helps you stay focused and driven towards your goals. It is one the best business schools of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Reasons to join AAM are-

  • The unique curriculum curated for the MBA course to facilitate the growth and success of its students makes it worthy of the title ‘the best pragmatic B school’.
  • A lot of time and energy is spent on each student, while making sure no student is given less attention due to overcrowding. AAM believes each student is special and strives to give personal care and individual attention to every student. The teaching faculty are very open and approachable.
  • The 100% assured placements makes it one of the best business schools of India. Its strong placement records makes it the only b school in Chennai to offer pay after placement program.
  • Prestigious companies such as, ITC , Carwale , Cartrade , Hewlett Packard , Amazon , Godrej , TVS , Propeagle , 360 Degree Minds  ( IIM Alumini Venture ) , OLX , Kaleeswari , HDFC , TNQ Books and Journals , have offered jobs to our graduates through our placement program.
  • Limited funds should not prevent you from achieving your dreams. For the purpose of financial aid, AAM ensures bank loan assistance by nationalized banks.
  • The Campus is Located in the Centre of the City, i.e, Nungambakkam which ensures easy commute.
  • To top it all the classrooms are WIFI enabled. To keep up with the changing world and its technologies, AAM has adopted new techniques of teaching such as smart classrooms.
  • The NEO and GEO programs are the clear take away of the package as whole.

Under these programs students visited places across and within the border such as Paris, Belgium, Mysore, Goa etc.