OCTROI (Return on investment in eight hours)
Business has to be evolving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative interests. Thus OCTROI is designed to make the students know about the intricacies of marketing with a fun filled and adventurous environment.
The Students are clubbed in to groups and each group is provided with the investment from the management. The task of the student is to invest the investment given in a product and sell it and should earn a profit of maximum. They can invest and reinvest the money, but the only condition is that the timing for the task is 8 hours from the time they receive the investment from the management. This task enables the students to understand the details and techniques involved in marketing a product through their own experience.

“You are invited to the festival of this world and your life is blessed”. Rabindranath Tagore 
Our culture is strengthened by the various festivals celebrated by us, how much ever we grow in technology and power we must remember to cherish our cultural events. This we thought must be inculcated in the minds of our students hence we don’t just celebrate, we learn while we celebrate, the following are few of our LEARN by CELEBRATING events.

ONCEM- ONAM celebration on management concept
ONCEM is a concept with a view to inculcate cross cultural management and also to bring out the managerial aspect inside each and every student.  The students are given an opportunity to depict management concepts through floral arrangements, this helps them to learn the concepts by celebrating Onam and also as this is a team work they understand the art of managing a person working under them ii) The interrelationship they could maintain with the other person, iii) Communication means iv) The art of choosing a right person for doing the job.

The Diwali or Deepavali festival marks the victory of good over evil. The Sanskrit word “Deepavali” means “an array of lights” and signifies the victory of brightness over darkness.
On the light of this concept, We here in AAM celebrate Diwali eve by conducting the Thrash the Dark event, where in the students are asked to disguise themselves as a cracker which would depict their character and asked to present on the one thing they want thrash from them and the one good thing they want to cultivate in them. This aids them to analyse and understand themselves better.

Golu is an artisitic display of dolls during the Navarathri festival. The dolls are arranged on the odd numbered steps made of wood or metal. The tradition behind this is the hierarchy of evolution from single sense to 8 sense of the mankind.
In the first stand of  Golu padi the single sense animals are placed, in the second step the plants and vegetation having 2 sense should be placed, the insects having 3 sense should be placed at the third step, the birds having four senses should be placed on fourth step and the in the fifth step the animals having fifth sense should be placed and 6th step is for mankind having 6th sense, the seventh and eighth step is for the saints having 7th sense called the “meignanam” and finally the ninth step is for the Supreme power “The God “.
Taking this in mind we in AAM Divide the students in to teams and make each team to arrange the steps  from the basic agricultural industry to the sophisticated Consumer goods industry, thereby making them to learn about different industries here.

A good manager is one who should know about the past and make himself update fast.
With a view of this, we are celebrating the Ethnic Day function either along with Pongal or along with Tamil New Year Day. Why this? The gold old traditions of our state are unknown to the younger generation. With a social respect to pass on to the next generation we make them celebrate this day, by make wearing traditional dresses and conducting the games that were in  our grandmother’s period. We encourage our students to invite guests and make them conduct the entire program, event management, crisis management, scheduling, planning, implementation etc are learnt with celebration.


AVIDJWALA- National Level Symposium
Increasing Complexity and interdependence in the prevailing global environment require new approaches. Companies need integrative management tools that help embed environmental, social and governance concern into their strategic thinking and daily operations and require talented and ethical leaders who can not only advance organizational goals and fulfill legal and fiduciary obligations, but who also prepared to deal with the broader impact and potential of business as a positive global force in society. This situation requires aspiring mangers to become effective decision makers, molding of which can be done by proper management programs. To have a broader perspective on the importance of management Education, the national level symposium is held on the various topics once in a year.

A management fest organized by AAM to give a competition to management students for improvising quality which will prove them far beyond their expectation. There is much competition to be faced at every walk of life. In order to motivate the students, abreast students with latest trends and to upgrade their knowledge and skills we have taken a small step through PROVOZOVNA which would be a meeting point for people from same field to share their talents.

WOWE – Workshop on Women Empowerment
Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race- Mary Mcleod Bethune
A woman is the epitome of tenderness, care, and wisdom. We all know that Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th of March every year. This day is a day to honour the life, grit and determination of women.
In connection with this we at AAM organise WOWE, a one day workshop for the women students in the colleges in and around Chennai with various events to make them be proud of being a women.