Amazing Opportunity to do INTERNSHIP for 9 Months at 3 top companies with stipend at AAM Business School

Why Internship is important for a MBA student:

While MBA Syllabus tend to be fairly theoretical for the most , internship allows students to break away from it and get back into the corporate world to practically  work on the concepts they have learnt in the  class room . Undertaking 9 months  internship programme during  two years of study at AAM Business School is considered to be one of the main practical benefits for studying for an MBA degree. Surveys show that employers offer full-time employment to more than a half of their interns. They are also willing to negotiate higher salaries for those who have undertaken more practical  internship. The belief is that those students who have chosen an internship position have a more realistic and less idealised view of management as they have had the chance to put into practice what they have learnt at Business  School in a work environment. Moreover, an internship offers the opportunity  to establish new contacts, mentors and references, acquire recommendations from business executives and, in the best case scenario, land your dream job.


Why 3 companies  Internship for 9 months Duration:

We are proud to say that AAM BUSINESS SCHOOL is the pioneers in Chennai among the Business Schools to introduce the concept of On the Job Training/Internship for duration of 8/9 months during the 2 year MBA Course.Even though many others boast as internship is offered for similar duration the real crux is whether Internship is offered directly through the Business School in top notch companies with stipend or the student is just issued Bonafide letter and asked to seek internship on their own.

At AAM Business School we do care our students future as very much and with our excellent networking in the last decade almost all the TOP MNC and Indian Conglomerate has got connected with AAM Business School to offer them internship in the areas of Human Resource,Finance,Marketing,Systems,Logistcs,Production and Operation Management.


Stages of Internship:

Internship period of students are divided into three:

Stage 1 Internship ( General Study)

At stage 1 the students are offered internship at the second semester end for a duration of 2 months to work in a organisation to learn about the Organisation Culture/Behaviour and as well Dynamics. This is the first stage at which the students are exposed in the corporate and they get a very good transformation in terms of understanding about the Management functioning and how they shoul cope up with the corporate expectations in terms of their attitude, working,dressing etc.

Stage 2 Internship (Specialisation Based)

This internship is for a duration of 3 to 3.5 months which starts after the 3rd semester theory papers are completed. In this semester the students are offered internship to work in top notch companies based on the specialization choosen. Student can be at comfort and no botheration of seeking recommendation through their parents/friends/relative to get internship opportunity.AAM Business School through its associations with 300 plus top companies will make them get into on the job training with stipend and certificate. This is the period the student learns the technical know how of workings of their specializations choosen.


Stage 3 Internship (Placement Based)

This internship is for a duration of 3 to 3.5 months which starts after the 4rd semester theory papers are completed.This stage of internship focuses more on making the student get placed after their internship is completed in the company where they do their internship. This internship focuses more on working rather than learning. This is the most important time frame in the student life at AAM Business School. At this time the student are well versed with Organisational Behaviour as well Technical Know how through their previous 2 internships.

This internship is designed carefully in such a way the students are given opportunity to show case their talents to impress their potential employers.

“ We at AAM Business School strongly believe in the philosophy of teaching how to catch a fish rather than feeding  fish each day . As a Future Manager  we would train our student to be more proactive,  dynamic and independent.